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Natosha 26 days ago


I called in and I order a pepperoni pizza and added bacon. I asked the guy if he can make sure they don't use canadian bacon and only use bacon bacon lol (whatever the literal term is), which he happily did. When I received the pizza, it was covered in canadian bacon. Me being the pizza lover that I am, was still planning on eating it. I gave them a call just to let them know it came with the wrong bacon and it wasn't a big deal but just to let them know I gave them a call. Just said that it's no biggie, but just in case the same thing happened to someone else's order and they are not as chill as I am about it. He offered me a free pizza, which I told him was not necessary especially considering I had every intention to eat the pizza I got lol. He still offered and gave me the most heart-warming apology. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER RECEIVED (and I'm a huge skeptic lol)!

Mtrammell1 about 1 month ago


Hands down best pizza in LA! Not to mention it takes JUST like New York style pizza- which i found out is because they use the same water filter system as nyc pizza places. Living in the neighborhood has hurt my piggie bank after becoming obsessed with the pizza. My favorites are the Babel and the buffalo chicken. Also, the staff is always super nice and the owner too! Anyways, going back now to get another slice! Pro tip: the draft cola is different and yummy too

Peterkouis about 2 months ago


Amazing quality and taste! My favorite Pizza place.

Mrdavidhutton 2 months ago


Came here based on Yelp reviews, and we are more than pleased. Pizza delicious! Upgraded us from a Medium to a Large!! 25% off for first time order!!! Wing sauce was delish!!!! And of course service was genuine, something that is not always the case in West LA. Thank You, we will be back!

Mchearn 2 months ago


This is legitimately great East coast style pizza in Los Angeles, perfect amount of sauce and toppings cooked immaculately and is as tasty and filling as it can get! Love having the Taza slice in particular, a taco themed pizza; and don't forget the buttery garlic knots and some Stubborn cola!

Datgirlserene 2 months ago


AMAZING PIZZA! The best on the block !

Matricha 3 months ago

Garlic Knots

The knots and pizza were really good. I only wish they didn't harass me for a review via email. From now on I will order without my contact info.

Zucker 4 months ago


I've lived in NYC and I'm from Philly, and I must say that this pizza and Ghost is the bomb! Closest thing to back east possible.

Fishee 5 months ago


Mmmm, this pizza was satisfying! This was probably one of the best vegan pizzas we've ever tried. Plus, the folks at Ghost are great at customer service— we ordered online through a food delivery service and Ghost called us to explain why our pizza was delayed, and the gentleman on the phone took good care of us to make sure we were happy in the end. The vegan meatball are good too!

Kyle 5 months ago


This pizza is SOOOO good. My new go to spot when I'm on Melrose. You established a loyal customer with the taste you provide. Thank you

Debsp 5 months ago


Absolutely delicious!! I'm from New Jersey and grew up having New York pizza. Ghost pizza rivals the best!

Mecorn 5 months ago


OK finally there is pizza that taste like the real deal in LA. The margarita pizza had a slightly spicy sauce and the most amazing thin crust dough. Service is amazing too and I now have a pizza joint I love and recommend to all my friends

Thisisadamhua 6 months ago


For the pizza lovers out there. I went to check out the hype for ghost pizza on melrose and fairfax. It lives up to the hype, considerably better than most ny style pizza in LA. Confirmed they use NY water maker in the production of the pizza and i c. Taste the difference compared to places like roccos or even pizzana, and mulberry street pizza. What you are looking at next to the soda fountain machine is the ny water maker machine. I had one plain... it was good enough that i just ordered a pie....two days later and I am planning to order another pie for lunch. I couldn't keep this a secret and decided to spread the gospel with my whole office!

Droppunx 6 months ago


Awesome pizza with very fresh tasting toppings & home-made dough. Very much appreciate the high quality ingredients, and whatever you're doing to bake the crust is perfect!

Adrianagwojakowska 7 months ago


Ordered pizzas and salads for an office meeting. It was a HUGE hit! Not to mention the customer service was a breeze! Called ahead to schedule the drop off time. The people who work there are passionate about pizza and are genuinely excited for people to experience Ghost Pizza. 10/10 would recommend.

Emilyreneewass 7 months ago


It's so nice seeing regular pizza joints offer incredible vegan options. Beyond sausage is my favorite so this pizza knocked it out of the park. Can't wait to go back and try the meatballs and more!!

Caitlinlowerre 8 months ago


Had a slice of the Veef and the spice level and flavors were fantastic - can't wait to try more of the vegan options!

Vrodeffer1205 8 months ago


Very good! I work just down the street and have been waiting to try it! I'll absolutely be a repeat customer!

Andrew about 1 month ago


I have lived in LA now for almost two years, one would think that I would have by now found a pizza place that is memorable here in West Hollywood. Honestly I haven't found a pizza that is so full of flavor until now. I look over the menu a see all these selections that I cannot wait to try next! And to add to everything Ghost is literally around the corner from where I live now. Thankful for hidden gems.

Tsinisgalli about 2 months ago


Welcome to NY, LA! I recently moved to LA from the east coast. I had heard that LA was "pizza challenged" so being a typical NY "pizza snob" I started out on my quest to find the best slice LA had to offer. Disappointment after disappointment finally led me to Ghost Pizza Kitchen, on Melrose Ave. My search was over. Listen, I know there are many different types of pizza, but if you're homesick for that true NY, a little greasy, cheesy, thin yet delicious crust, Ghost Pizza Kitchen is the place! They even installed their own water filtration system that clones NY water. Add the best sourced, quality ingredients and Voila! You can thank me later✌🏽🍕 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Krboeckman about 2 months ago


Great gluten free crust! Staff were super friendly. Happy to have Ghost in the neighborhood.

Tcook719 2 months ago


Loved the pizza. Wrote a more in-depth Google review, but I'm lazy. TL;DR: Only place in LA on par with NY pizza. Fair price, great service. If you haven't gone - go!

Simrinphull 2 months ago

Vegan Cheese

Had my first taste at work. The best pizza I have had in a long time! Delicious! Good portion sizes. Will definitely come back soon!

I8ricecake 3 months ago


Not realizing initially this was a walk-up/sidewalk joint, I checked out their selection through the glass and a nice girl came out from the back. Pushing the screen aside, I asked if they had the B&P (bacon and pickle) or Out-n-In (a variation of the obvious reversed name). She said the latter didn't really sell too well so it was not available at the time, but she could take a slice of cheese and make it into the B&P. Taking this into consideration, I went with just that and a plain slice. The pizza I enjoyed later was pretty good! I know pickles on pizza sounds disgusting to some, but darn, I really enjoyed it! The cheese is my gateway slice into a new pizza joint, and this passed with flying colors. Although the receipt said 'Matthew', it was Jennie* who made this a great experience! Go check out Ghost on Melrose, and hopefully you will get her on your visit. *Unsure of the proper spelling of her name, sorry-and I'm sure Matthew is awesome as well.

Ayoumans 3 months ago


I was raised in NYC but now reside in Georgia. I often try to find pizza restaurants that serve "real NYC pizza". Unfortunately- I can never find it!!! But- I visited the location in LA and the minute I tasted it- I knew it was the real thing. My family and I went back for more. It's the closest you can get without being in NY. Great job Ghost!!!

Randallbarret 4 months ago


Had a slice of this and wondered why I never though if this!! Behold heaven on New York style crust.

Nolan 5 months ago


I eat a vegetarian diet 6 days a week. But on thr 7th day, I usually go to Ghost and have a slice of Sepia 👍 The sausage reminds me of real NYC pizza. Its hard to find good pizza in LA, but Ghost really nails it.

Tonydres 5 months ago


Amazing fresh ingredients and flavor, can't wait to try them all!

Kortland 5 months ago


This place is amazing. The pizza did not disappoint. It was piping hot, spicy and full of flavor. The crust was on point!

Heather 6 months ago


We wanted to try several things so we ended up with Sepia, Taza, B&P, Pepperoni, and Plain Cheese slices that were delivered. All were delicious even after waiting almost two hours to eat due to my partner's schedule ( they close at 10pm here). I just heated the slices back up. You can't beat the dough/crust. And as someone who once lived in NYC and now living in LA, I can attest that it's on-spot compared to any other place! Can't wait to actually go in person and eat right away!!!

Erin 6 months ago

Vegan Cheese

Im always on the search for really good vegan pizza and was so excited to try Ghost pizza since its in my neighbohood. I was not disappointed. The crust and the sauce so tasty and you cant go wrong with Follow Your Heart cheeze. Not sure if its a good thing or bad thing that this is so close to my house..I might just be spending way too much money at Ghost!!

Rebeccaewing33 6 months ago


Macaroni and cheese on pizza? Yes please! I had a slice of this was awesome.

Emilyreneewass 7 months ago

Vegan Cheese

It's so nice seeing regular pizza joints offer incredible vegan options. I added Beyond sausage which is my favorite so this pizza knocked it out of the park. Can't wait to go back and try the meatballs and more!!

Rlacarr1 7 months ago


Great toppings on a terrific crust--can't go wrong with this one!

Tlcarroll 8 months ago


I really liked it! There's not a whole lot to say about cheese pizza, but it had a good ratio of cheese, sauce, and crust, and the crust texture was good. It wasn't too greasy.

Dssoler1 9 months ago


This is by far the best BBQ chicken pizza I've ever had in my life. The barbecue sauce was delicious, but didn't dominate the flavor of the pizza. The toppings all came together really well to deliver a great taste. I also have never considered myself a crust person (I know, I know) but I honestly ate every bit of the pizza, including the crust. Overall, an 11/10.


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